In 1989, after graduating in film production at ESCIVI, I discovered the fantastic magic of film editing and began to work as an editor for ACRON, a local production company in my hometown. After a couple of years of learning a lot of things I began to look for new frontiers and I applied for two grants to specialize in post-production. Those were awarded to me and they gave me the possibility in 1991 to move to the Pre-Olympic Barcelona.

With editors in great demand in Barcelona at that time, career opportunities were immense. I soon had the chance to work as an offline and on-line editor for some of the most prestigious post-production studios in the city (La Sala, La general, Zoom, Via Video) on spots, corporate videos, documentaries and TV programs.

In 1993 I was offered the chance to jump into a new arena: directing a travel-magazine that involved multi-camera studio work as well as traveling as a one-man production band shooting in different destinations around the world. Over the course of two intense years I discovered what has been my passion ever since: documentary. While I loved editing and building a career as an editor, I had the feeling that being on location was also great and began shooting and field producing. Since then I have devoted my life to combining the two and adapted myself to different production roles. I also began to work as post-production teacher at CEV School in Barcelona.

With a craving to learn more about documentary, I moved to Los Angeles to study documentary production at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. Soon I fell in love with Los Angeles and the ever-expanding possibilities of learning. I decided to stay and began to work at the vibrant media industry of the city.

In Los Angeles I had a diverse career as field-producer/editor working for special weekly reports at Univisión, as on line-Editor and promo-producer at Telemundo promotions department and as an editor and producer for CNN en español. I also did production coordination for different TV channels from Spain helping them to film in United States. For my Los Angeles work I had the pleasure of being nominated for three local Emmys and received an L.A. Emmy for “Best Campaign Promo”, produced for Telemundo in 2003.

When I returned to Europe I exchanged big American corporations for small production companies and devoted myself almost exclusively to long format documentaries. I had the pleasure of working with top producers like Jordi Llompart from OrbitaMax, Tono Folguera from Lastor Media, Loris Omedes from Bausan films, Albert Solé from Minimal Films, and Denis Delestrac from Intrepido Films. My contributions have included working as editor, writer/director supervising editor on more than a dozen award-winning long format documentaries, to mention a few: for Bucarest, Lost Memory, winner of the Goya Award from the Spanish National Film Academy, the Gaudi Award, Barcelona, and best editing award from the Tepoztlan Film Festival, Mexico; for María and I  a Goya Award nomination, official selection at San Sebastian film festival among others; for PAX Americana Best Documentary Award in Whistler, official IDFA, Thesalonika, London Documentary Film festival etc.). My most recent documentary editing credit is Sand Wars, featured in over 25 film festivals worldwide and winner in the Environmental category at San Francisco Ocean film festival, the Gold Panda Award in China, and NHK Japan Prize in Tokyo.

And the adventure continues.

The time has gone by so quickly, but it has been already more than thirty years since I devoted myself to media and film work, an adventure that occurred through serendipity. I was set to study architecture when at the last moment my city opened its first film school. Pulled in two directions, I decided to pursue architecture as a personal passion and film and television as a career. It was a fantastic decision that has given me the opportunity to enjoy my true vocation. Here I share highlights of this professional voyage.