Year: 2023

Role: Finishing Editor/ Colorist

Duration: 82"

Produced by: Protesta Productions In Association With Jed Riffe Films

Barbara Dane, legend of jazz, blues, and folk music who moved millions with her dusky alto. Veteran of myriad international social justice movements, going strong and hitting hard through her mid-90s THE 9 LIVES OF BARBARA DANE is an underground history of a singer-agitator whose conscience served her, tripped her up, rerouted her and ultimately carried her through nine decades, somehow landing on her feet. Barbara shared the stage with greats like Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Mikis Theodorakis and more over 75 years of performing around the world. Throughout most of the major social justice movements of the 20th century, Barbara Dane was there. She was there with her singular confidence, emanating the people-powered connectivity of folk, the defiance of blues and the elemental cool of jazz. But not only was she there, she propelled movements and historic events with a boldness and subversiveness that cut through commercial artifice and caused her to elude the fame of her peers.

The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane