Year: 2008

Role: Co-director/ Editor / Cinematographer

Duration: 89"

Produced by: Bausan Films, Barcelona

“Bucharest, memory lost” is a documentary about memory. From within a double exile, it follows the personal pursuit of Albert (a journalist born in exile in 1962) to recuperate his own roots. His father, the Spanish politician Jordi Solé Tura, who became a key figure during the Spanish Transition, was obliged to go into exile toward the end of the 1950s for his militant anti-Franco beliefs. Now, after living a life replete with passionate personal and political experiences, Jordi has begun to enter a new, internal exile, this time with no possibility of returning: a fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. Every day, his memory slips further away.With this film, Albert will resurrect the memory not only of his father’s atypical life, but also that of other historical Spanish figures such as Santiago Carrillo, Felipe González, Jorge Semprún and the ex-president of Catalonia Jordi Pujol, and little known episodes in the fight against Franco’s dictatorship and the Cold War. For Albert, many of these experiences are the diffuse recollections of a child. He will travel from one exile to another, trying to recompose the memory of his family, his own memory.


Memory lost