Year: 2019

Role: Editor, Co-writer

Duration: 92'

Produced by: Cal Turner

For as long as humans have existed they have told stories to each other and people have listened. But what about the stories we tell ourselves? Our stories define how we see ourselves, how we view our relationships and how we live our lives. We now know that these “stories” have implications for our health.

In “Is Your Story Making You Sick?” cameras roll over 4 workshops spanning 6 months as eight people from all walks of life bravely confront their stories and a variety of stress-related illnesses. Our film follows each character as they bravely recount their childhood trauma ranging from family strife, addiction, neglect, and assault to incest.

With a variety of tools like mindfulness meditation, we see them destroy past beliefs and welcome change – writing a new story for themselves. Audiences cannot watch “Is Your Story Making You Sick?” without pondering their own story, its impact on their lives and the possibility of transformation.

Is Your STORY Making You Sick?