Year: 2023

Role: Colorist

Duration: 84"

Produced by: Denise Zmekhol (ZDFilms) and ITVS

Broadcaster: PBS.

SKIN OF GLASS is the story of São Paulo’s tallest homeless occupation, a 24-story office tower that is a treasure of mid-20th century architecture and my late-father’s masterpiece. Roger Zmekhol was just 32 years old when he imagined the “Pele de Vidro” building in the 1960s, a time of hope and prosperity in Brazil. A military dictatorship took over the country before the building was completed, and for decades it served as the federal police headquarters. Then it was abandoned, becoming an empty and decaying home for impoverished immigrants and people living at the margins of society. I discovered the building in this state in 2017, four decades after my father’s death. The shock of this discovery was a revelation; I had so much to learn about my father’s life as a creative person and had so many questions about what had become of our country.

Skin Of Glass