Year: 2008

Role: Consulting Editor

Duration: 90'

Produced by: Stephen Higgings and Nina Gilden Seavey

“Matador” is the epic tale of David Fandila’s quest to become the world’s top-ranked bullfighter. Shot over three years in high definition, “Matador” follows the humble 24 year-old from Granada in his journey across Spain and Latin America — and into the pages of bullfighting history. Heart-wrenching setbacks follow thrilling successes as the matador they call ‘El Fandi’ reveals why bullfighting is called the most dramatic profession on earth.

But more than one man’s quest for greatness, “Matador” is a story of love — of a son for his father, of the audiences for their heroes, of a people for a passionate and violent ritual, and of the bullfighter’s paradoxical love for the majestic beast that he must kill to create his art.